About Phabvionics

Phabvionics currently publishes one Android app which serves as a pressure-based altimeter and VSI. It is well-reviewed on the Google Play store.

I am David Thomas. I founded Phabvionics. I’m a software engineer by trade and a hobbyist pilot.

You can find my app by clicking on the ridiculously-sized image below:

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I’d like to spend more time developing android apps for pilots. What’s stopping me? The usual: time and money. I am employed full-time as a software engineer in a field unrelated to aviation so I only have “free” time to spend developing android apps, and that free time is often taken up by other distractions. Money may help with this! I’m not seeking to develop a full-time income from this, but I’d like to gauge enthusiasm for people paying for an enhanced version of my product, so I’d appreciate it if you could answer¬†my poll honestly. You should find it in the right sidebar or underneath this post.

Many thanks!

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